Blackjack Strategy & Tips

Conquering Australian Blackjack
Correct application of mathematically proven success strategies will dramatically reduce the Casino’s already low House edge; the best strategies you can use to win this game are based on set probability principles.

Although experienced gamblers may swear by any number of far-flung Blackjack Strategy systems, there are only two basic methods that players can use to consistently increase their odds of winning. One of these methods, card counting, was the infamous source of one of the 20th century’s biggest casino scandals. Counting cards is very difficult and only recommended for the most experienced and knowledgeable of competitors.

The second of these two methods – which is highly recommended by players, fans, and experts alike – is based on the memorization and use of a special chart which details all of the games’ possible deals and the probability of their outcomes. Incorporating the probability table into your Blackjack strategy is sure to produce lucrative results.

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Most gamblers love to give advice, but every player knows that it’s impossible to follow every suggestion he or she is given. The single most important Blackjack tip all players must use is as follows: Know your online casino. Choose one that is safe, secure, legal, and licensed with a good payout rate, such as this selection of some of our favourite Australian casinos: Online Casino
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The game of blackjack – like all casino games – involves an element of chance, but the best and most enjoyable rounds have outcomes that are dramatically influenced by the participating players’ skills and abilities. Although the aforementioned strategic approaches to blackjack will increase a player’s chances of success, strategy is useless without common sense.

Although you may receive lots of conflicting advice from seasoned blackjack pros, stay focused. It’s important to gain a strong and comprehensive grasp on some of the more elemental features of blackjack and casino gaming. Use this helpful list of Blackjack Tips to assist you along the way:

As a general rule, you should always compete in accordance with the spirit of fair play. Don’t try to cheat – you will get caught.
Try to be considerate of other players. Show your respect by keeping up with the game’s pace and avoiding distractions.
Study common mistakes that bettors make and avoid falling victim to bad betting practices. Throwing money at a loss only drains your pockets.
It’s important to familiarize yourself with the game’s proper terminology and learn how to operate your casino’s software before competing.
Many players are concerned with superstitions that dictate on which cards a player should hit, stand and double down. Don’t mistake popular opinion for scientifically proven fact and, when in doubt, consult probability charts.
Always double check that you know and understand the rules of game variation before joining a game